According to the sales statistics, the number of smartphones has long surpassed the number of computers.

A web application can be useful for your business not only as an indication that you are keeping abreast of the times. If you are the owner of a taxi depot or just one car, you can show yourself on the map to potential clients who will become real if it is mutually beneficial. If you are a self-employed builder, then potential clients will most likely become real when they see the quality of your work, booking facilities, and transparency of your services. Lawyers, guards, porters, makeup artists – all areas and specialties are in demand in their own way. Web applications for smartphones and tablets help to expand the range of client search and undoubtedly put you, the business owner, above those competitors who do not have them.


You need to optimize your current web site for the smartphones? You want to create an APP or a web game?
Don't hesitate to contact us to estimate your goal or aim. Prices for the web game start from £700, current project optimization - from £400, new APP - from £1000 only.



APP is a mobile application which is a website or software designed to run on a smartphones device or tablets. Mobile apps are downloaded from application distribution platforms.

Google Play, App Store, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, Firefox Marketplace, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Windows Store, Ubuntu Software Center.
Register fee may apply.

No. If You have your mobile app designed for Android it means that You can register at Google Play (or other distribution platform who accept Android mobile apps). If You want to register your app at App Store your app must to be designed for iOS platform.

It depends of functionality of your product. If it is a simple 3-5 pages website which must to be an app it will takes up to 5 working days. If it is a 3-5 pages website with login access and more expand functionality it could take up to 4-5 weeks.

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