Frequently Asked Questions


To optimize your (or someone) search, to optimize your (or someone) finds (results).
A web search engine – is a software system that is designed to carry out Internet search in a systematic way for particular information specified in a web search query.
Of course the top priority in improving brand visibility goes to quality content, but also we must to understand that the SEO (search engine optimization) is the main tool to get best results for the both sides – to advertisers and searches.
If You have no time or point to clarify specific details what SEO exactly means and how work with that and where, the above information is enough to understand what it means in total and why it’s on demand. The rest of works could be done by professionals.

Keyword – is a word or phrase used by someone to rank a specific content, or web site on a particular topic. All search engines (like Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc) using special algorithms to sort information out (content, web pages, images, videos etc).
You can find various keyword suggestion tools online (free, or paid).
For example Google ad words keywords tool, or Yandex direct keyword selection. If You not interested in, but You need it, please give this job to professionals.

First simple step is to see source code of your web page. To do this You need to press Ctrl + U when your web site is open. You will see html version of your page.
Then You need to check fields with title:
(a title of your page for the search engine)
(description of your page for the search engine)
(more important keywords of your page for the search engine)
also don’t forget :
h1, h2, h3 … (head title of your document, page)
If these fields are empty, or consist words which You think not linked, or not enough to describe your business it means that something goes wrong.
Please use search engine to find what that things means, if You’re confused, or ask specialists to sort this out.

Coding or web programming it is the process of writing, designing and testing of websites or computer programs. Be aware that if your target is to create big resource, like social network, online banking, or anything like that we need to see on this from different angles to thinking, and maintaining the source code. That’s why usually coder (programmer) works together with a task manager. Integral part of the work is debugging and troubleshooting.

Websites, web applications, web games, online software, CRM (data analysis), online payments system, remote and secure databases with administration management.
Basically You can imagine something (or ask us to help) and we can realize it.

Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C/CPP, C#, Ruby, Objective-C, SQL, Swift.

Yes, You can. Our working process based on SCRUM / Agile methodology. All steps (sprints) You can control in the repository, usually we work at GitHub, or Bitbucket.

It depends of revisions and the concept.
For example, if You are barbershop owner and You want to make a chain usually it means rebranding. Rebranding includes more then just a logo. Just a logo with 2 revisions and your concept will cost £100. With our concept – will cost from £200. With rebranding package, unlimited revisions, research for similar symbols/styles/logos the price starts from £400. We register trade marks also. You’re always welcome to ask, we’ll describe our estimation.

Yes, we have.
Sometimes web designer services are not enough. We have professional educated web designer who direct the optimal logistic of graphic. Usually web designer and professional painter are working together. We offer professional photographer and editor services as well.

Yes, we can. Prices vary, sometimes it’s easy and cheaper in Russia, sometimes in UK. Prices starts from £400.

APP is a mobile application which is a website or software designed to run on a smartphones device or tablets. Mobile apps are downloaded from application distribution platforms.

Google Play, App Store, Amazon Appstore, BlackBerry World, Firefox Marketplace, Samsung Galaxy Apps, Windows Store, Ubuntu Software Center.
Register fee may apply.

No. If You have your mobile app designed for Android it means that You can register at Google Play (or other distribution platform who accept Android mobile apps). If You want to register your app at App Store your app must to be designed for iOS platform.

It depends of functionality of your product. If it is a simple 3-5 pages website which must to be an app it will takes up to 5 working days. If it is a 3-5 pages website with login access and more expand functionality it could take up to 4-5 weeks.

No, not with us. We do not get involved in, nor support, any publication or distribution of information related to unlawful activities, such as violence, Nazism, pornography, terrorism, etc.
People who not take a part in above mentioned illegal activities, but want to be a bit independent, can use offshore dedicated servers. You can find it by yourself by using search engines.

cPanel is online web hosting control panel. It based on Linux platform. cPanels provides a graphical interface and tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site and manage it. We do not provide a cPanel with our hosting plan. We provide something different, but also very simple to use. If You need to support big project we provide server engineer and assistant who will manage all necessary duties to support the project. If You want to manage your dedicated server by your own we provide online courses to teach You how to do it. Depends of your project additional charges for that online course may apply.

Certainly You can. Most of our clients buy a business packages. It means that after understanding of your aim and quantity of content we can estimate a price. Usually we charge £5 per month for one website without login access and often updated content.

Leaflets to the particular areas. Prices starts from £70 per 1000 doors/leaflets.
PR is Public relations – the spread of information between an individual/organization and the public.
Our clients generally buy whole packages which usually include market research service as well. If You’re looking for cheapest service we can give You a free advice about where You can get it.

Article(s) in some news resources (such as online newspapers, portals, local social media pages), video which explains who You are and what You provide, FAQ forming, graphical association with You (it could be updated logo, or a new one, stile of your image, backgrounds of your social media pages, high quality photos), unique names of yours URLs, or range of it.
In total You will get detailed explanation of your representation in particular area. Generally is the Internet connected with one, or few geographical regions.

We’ve been organized such actions sometimes. Additional charges may apply.

Figures of the demands and consumers, details of competitors, government statistic in mentioned sector.

To understand more deeply and feel exactly how the business will be adopted in most cases own analytic is very important. The first step is always based on third parties who are your competitors and who are already in the game. Figures are taken from their statistic. Second very important step is to research current demand based on yours offers, keywords, logistic, costumer’s answers and more. To get that figures You need to make PR steps that’s why is usually linked.

We provide references / confirmation where and how the figures have been taken. We always discuss that aspect before you place an order.

No. We provide it with a set of services, such as secretary, re postage, landline.

Video reports of exhibitions. We are visiting different sorts of exhibitions and making a video reports to save your time. Basically You don’t need to go, we can collect necessary information or represent it.

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