Mission & Vision

Information technology and public relations are the two concepts complementing and defining each other.
Everyone in our team loves their work and is committed to development.
We have over 10 years of experience in the UK.
On 3 June 2011, a UN resolution was adopted recognising Internet access as a basic human right. Thus, disconnecting certain regions from the Internet is a violation of human rights.
Our company deals with the following challenges:
Design and creation of web sites and applications of any complexity, CRM systems, cloud service, hosting and high bandwidth servers, image making, logo design, graphics and design, content of any legal format, social networks promotion, search and discovery optimisation, creation and distribution of news, organisation of meetings and trips to
Russia and the UK, translation and certification of documents, full package of accounting
services, legal advice.

If you need help with the implementation of a graphic project, then the designer artist will
be the project leader, if it’s a legal matter, then a lawyer will take charge…
All of our staff are certified and, after considering the estimate, we will provide proof of competence and necessary references.
All projects are carried out according to the Scrum system and located in the repository.
We respect confidentiality of our clients and value time more than material goods. Our mission lies in the realisation of optimal prospects.

With Respect,

Andrei Napoleonov

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