All program code that will be written for you using the agreed algorithm and chosen language will be stored in the repository, and you will have full version control.

This means that the code cannot be lost or altered without your consent, the syntax criteria (rules) will be established from the start, which means any programmer will be able to understand and solve the necessary problem. Automatic filters will help you control and eliminate possible errors, and, of course, you will have ownership of intellectual property rights and total control.


Please describe or provide an example about what You want to have.
As in the garage You can estimate how long it takes to change the wheel or to install an engine. Our price for program coding start from £40 per hour.



Coding or web programming it is the process of writing, designing and testing of websites or computer programs. Be aware that if your target is to create big resource, like social network, online banking, or anything like that we need to see on this from different angles to thinking, and maintaining the source code. That’s why usually coder (programmer) works together with a task manager. Integral part of the work is debugging and troubleshooting.

Websites, web applications, web games, online software, CRM (data analysis), online payments system, remote and secure databases with administration management.
Basically You can imagine something (or ask us to help) and we can realize it.

Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C/CPP, C#, Ruby, Objective-C, SQL, Swift.

Yes, You can. Our working process based on SCRUM / Agile methodology. All steps (sprints) You can control in the repository, usually we work at GitHub, or Bitbucket.

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