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We use internal and external behavioural factors, semantics, traffic analysis, targeted words and phrases, and other methods to optimise your search and discovery. Depending on your needs and capabilities, our specialists will effectively realise any goal.

Information output in the right environment is a science called search engine optimisation. You know that the leader of search engines is Google, there is also Bing, Yahoo, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China where Google is banned.

Selection of your company’s name, slogans, reservation (booking) of unique address lines (URL), analysis and selection of development models, –  we use all these and many other methods to shape your search queries’ image.


Please provide Your project details or describe a goal to get a quote.
Prices for the set works start from £500.



To optimize your (or someone) search, to optimize your (or someone) finds (results).
A web search engine – is a software system that is designed to carry out Internet search in a systematic way for particular information specified in a web search query.
Of course the top priority in improving brand visibility goes to quality content, but also we must to understand that the SEO (search engine optimization) is the main tool to get best results for the both sides – to advertisers and searches.
If You have no time or point to clarify specific details what SEO exactly means and how work with that and where, the above information is enough to understand what it means in total and why it’s on demand. The rest of works could be done by professionals.

Keyword – is a word or phrase used by someone to rank a specific content, or web site on a particular topic. All search engines (like Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, etc) using special algorithms to sort information out (content, web pages, images, videos etc).
You can find various keyword suggestion tools online (free, or paid).
For example Google ad words keywords tool, or Yandex direct keyword selection. If You not interested in, but You need it, please give this job to professionals.

First simple step is to see source code of your web page. To do this You need to press Ctrl + U when your web site is open. You will see html version of your page.
Then You need to check fields with title:
(a title of your page for the search engine)
(description of your page for the search engine)
(more important keywords of your page for the search engine)
also don’t forget :
h1, h2, h3 … (head title of your document, page)
If these fields are empty, or consist words which You think not linked, or not enough to describe your business it means that something goes wrong.
Please use search engine to find what that things means, if You’re confused, or ask specialists to sort this out.

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