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It is no secret that advertising agencies seek advice from their business colleagues. We are really excited about our PR Company. We communicate with and constantly give advice to legal entities, individuals, government, charitable, trade organisations and other persons in regards to the adjustment and creation of a favourable image of a particular person, product, service, idea, or other prospect for the public, specific people, or social and ethnic groups.

We do not get involved in, nor support, any publication or distribution of information related to unlawful activities, such as violence, Nazism, pornography, terrorism, etc.

Deep understanding = correct price.
We need to know goals and aims to estimate your project. Please ask.



Leaflets to the particular areas. Prices starts from £70 per 1000 doors/leaflets.
PR is Public relations – the spread of information between an individual/organization and the public.
Our clients generally buy whole packages which usually include market research service as well. If You’re looking for cheapest service we can give You a free advice about where You can get it.

Article(s) in some news resources (such as online newspapers, portals, local social media pages), video which explains who You are and what You provide, FAQ forming, graphical association with You (it could be updated logo, or a new one, stile of your image, backgrounds of your social media pages, high quality photos), unique names of yours URLs, or range of it.
In total You will get detailed explanation of your representation in particular area. Generally is the Internet connected with one, or few geographical regions.

We’ve been organized such actions sometimes. Additional charges may apply.

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