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Market research of a business using a short-term or long-term advertising campaign of various types.

Publication of information about your product / service / business:

News – media, social networks, video advertising, questionnaires, forums.

Transit and outdoor advertising:

Billboards, public transport, concerts, presentations, aero advertising, field advertising.


Prices depends of the product(s) / service(s) and location which You want to estimate. We use government statistics, CCTV (to check streets traffic), third sources to get figures, estimates etc. Packages starts from £200.



Figures of the demands and consumers, details of competitors, government statistic in mentioned sector.

To understand more deeply and feel exactly how the business will be adopted in most cases own analytic is very important. The first step is always based on third parties who are your competitors and who are already in the game. Figures are taken from their statistic. Second very important step is to research current demand based on yours offers, keywords, logistic, costumer’s answers and more. To get that figures You need to make PR steps that’s why is usually linked.

We provide references / confirmation where and how the figures have been taken. We always discuss that aspect before you place an order.

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