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We rent and maintain dedicated servers in Germany since 2012, our specialists have full access to equipment and personnel 24/7/365.

Generally, the hosting service includes a site maintenance package, i.e. placing the site files on the server, software for maintaining these files, feedback from your clients, such as email, security.


For example, if You want a hosting up to 3 web sites it will cost about £7 per month (i7 processor, 32 GB of RAM, up to 50 GB disk space, unlimited trafic). If You need to run a project with 100K + visitors a day and You want our staff to maintain the server it could cost £200 per month. Please ask for the total cost breakdown via Contact Form.



No, not with us. We do not get involved in, nor support, any publication or distribution of information related to unlawful activities, such as violence, Nazism, pornography, terrorism, etc.
People who not take a part in above mentioned illegal activities, but want to be a bit independent, can use offshore dedicated servers. You can find it by yourself by using search engines.

cPanel is online web hosting control panel. It based on Linux platform. cPanels provides a graphical interface and tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site and manage it. We do not provide a cPanel with our hosting plan. We provide something different, but also very simple to use. If You need to support big project we provide server engineer and assistant who will manage all necessary duties to support the project. If You want to manage your dedicated server by your own we provide online courses to teach You how to do it. Depends of your project additional charges for that online course may apply.

Certainly You can. Most of our clients buy a business packages. It means that after understanding of your aim and quantity of content we can estimate a price. Usually we charge £5 per month for one website without login access and often updated content.

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